Tightening the lines drifts them apart.

« A false clarify » is a collection of photographs that forms an inventory of colors and susbtances found in this world. They have been collected during a seven months trip in South America in 2019. You will find details photography as well as landscapes that were created out of the common codes.

Putting one next to another, these « natural collages » are forcing the eye to put a glaciar on the same scale as a burned root. While sweeping in between the triptychs and the diptychs, the brain looses all sense of landforms. As such, we don’t know anymore what is big, small, in front, behind, permanent or transitory.

Onces out of their context, the subjects photographed are offering a new approach over the reality they were taken from. Those photographs are meant to question our perception of a reality we don’t see the outline of anymore.