As I was wandering around the streets of Buenos Aires, I felt the urge to capture samples of the world. The resulting product seemt incomplete though and I understood that I needed to create a new world. However, a world remains lifeless if it isn’t ruled by believes, lifestyle and a way of thinking. Therefore, I can borrow shapes, sounds and colours from this world to create a new one but a New mythology needs to be developped For the New World to properly exists.

Each piece of this art project contains adages or commandments about the mythology. As you go through the images, photos, videos and sounds, you’ll gather enough information to experience EL NUEVO MUNDO

DIGITAL COLLAGES meant to be printed on fabrik

Le Premier Dieu /1
Le Premier Dieu /2
Le Premier Dieu /3
Le Premier Dieu /4
Il Explosa /1
Il Explosa /2
Il Explosa /3
Il Explosa /4
Les Douceurs

VIDEOS meant to be watched on a cellphone with earphones or projected on a wall

NATURAL COLLAGES photographs meant to be hanged from the cealing as a circle mobile that you have to walk around

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