Hereditary is a photography project about three of the Caucasus countries, ex-members of the USSR : Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaïdjan. This subject was born from a deep desire to explore countries and its populations that had experienced strong historical and social transformations during this past 20 years. The first Opus, « Shvili », is the result of several stays in Georgia with a one month immersion in a georgian family in Tbilisi.


The historical transitions that Georgia went through this past twenty years combined to vigourous as wel as inconsistent influences led to a strong stratification in the mentality of its population.

This country stays deeply scarred but its past USSR membership, in its architectural landscape as well as in its way of operate. Georgians lifestyle and behaviour got then strongly dominated by the Church culture. After USSR collapse, the georgians (and I am now quoting other georgians) turned to god because after all their values had fail down they « needed to believe in something again ».

And today, occidental and americain social codes are making their way into the youth cultural through social media, Internet and TV.

When trying to define a country identity, unforeseeable circumstance oc- curs : georgia’s population can not be think more as « one » than its borde- ring country. While spending time in Georgia, you will feel an ongoing racism. Deeply patriarchal family restain emancipation of the women and ho- mosexuality is still see as frightening. But somehow you will not find yourself in an archaic society that can be define as we can write the receip for mac and cheese.

The notion of inheritance – and heredity – than pops up in the pondering. It is the society inheritance that is point out when the identity of a population is mention. Any kind of defi- nition would be wrongly set since we can meet as many people that agrees to it than younsters that are oppose to it.

They are however all georgians.